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SOFREP Support Manager October 26, 2014 Tips & Tricks

Yes, that means that your username is already on the site, therefore all you have to do is continue inputting all of your billing information and once you click submit it will override your "cancelled" account and make it active again! No need to submit another ticket.



SOFREP Support Manager

SOFREP Support Manager October 26, 2014 Tips & Tricks

Did you have an active subscription on the site & suddenly received an email that your membership was cancelled?

Then this is the article for you.

We don't go around randomly closing members accounts here at SOFREP for a little joke, the internet does... Sometimes email accounts auto "spam" our notifications and you completely miss the warning email regarding a pending account cancellation. If you go into your email and check your Spam folder, you may have received it and it was just filtered out, if you don't see it in SPAM... then well I guess your email has something against us.

There's really only 2 reasons a member's account gets cancelled, 1.) Billing Issue - cc # expired, cancelled card etc. 2.) You were banned... which doesn't happen that often and if you were, Charlie would have sent you an email immediately, and that email would have been received!

So, in order to get your account back up & running, shoot us a help desk ticket, WITH YOUR ACCOUNT EMAIL ADDRESS & new links will be sent over as soon as we read the ticket. 

Please, please, please... DO NOT make a new account, with a new email address. That leads to a lot of confusion on our end, our member numbers are off, and you're stuck receiving our newsletters, notifications, and emails twice as much as you normally would! Be patient. I assure you we will get your links sent over within 1 business day. 

If you have any questions, post your comments here. I'll do my best to monitor this topic and answer questions regarding this topic.


Thank ya'll for the support! 


Mark Hill March 29, 2014 Tips & Tricks

If you're experiencing problems logging in, please try deleting your browser's cache, and then try logging in again. Be sure to type your username and password into the login fields, don't rely on the saved login information. You can also try a different browser. If that doesn't help, please try the following, and if these fail contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

STEP 1: Clear Your Browser's Cookies and Cache

Apple IOS

Apple Safari

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer




- WikiHow, you can also refer to this ad-sponsored website which shows a fairly comprehensive amount of information regarding cooking management, but does also show a lot of ads:


- You should now be able to login. Be sure to type your username and password, don't rely on your browser's 'remembered' username and password.


STEP 2: Reset Your Password

- The next step is to use the Forgot Password form to get a new password.

STEP 3: Contact Support

- If that doesn't get you into the website, please submit a Help Desk ticket about the issues you're having and we will solve the problem.

Mark Hill August 17, 2013 Announcements

Hi, thanks for your interest in SOFREP.com. We recently completed the migration to our subscription model and new membership system. One of the main issues we've realized is that our membership system does not recognize inactiive member accounts and so does not allow former members to login after they subscribe.

Fortunately, the fix is simple, but manual.

If you were a member prior to August 5, 2013 and are experiencing issues subscribing to SOFREP, please submit a Help Desk ticket and we'll get you back into SOFREP just as quickly as possible.